The uniqueness of Shinawatra products

In the past and still today the motto of the Shinawatra family is “give priority to and control the quality of the materials used”.

We constantly upgrade our fabrics and introduce sophisticated, up-to-date designs while maintaining bargain prices. This long-standing family policy coupled with creative designing has ensured that the Shinawatra brand has always been the leader in the silk textile market.

The following product samples show why the Shinawatra brand has always been the one of choice in the ever changing field of silk textile fashion.

The development of the Shinawatra family silk textile industry

From a local home industry to a leader in the international market

Chiang Shinawatra, who was head of the family , started the industry at Sankampaeng in 1911. At that time many households in Sankampaeng wove silk for their own domestic use. In those early days, Chiang organised some of the best weavers to produce sarongs which were sold in the markets of Chiang Mai and Bangkok and also exported to neighboring Burma.

Chiang married a Sankampaeng girl and they had twelve children. The family team worked together to improve quality and design and also to expand its marketing network. At first they depended on traditional weaving methods, but in 1935 more modern looms were introduced and dying technology was improved to give more attractive, fast colors.

Today it can be seen that the Shinawatra brand keeps fully up-to-date in design and colour with the very latest international fashion, reflecting the taste of modern day consumers from around the world.

The pride and joy of our family is Dr. Taksin Shinawatra who became the Prime Minister of Thailand in the year 2001. He is the son of Lerdt and Yindee Shinawatra.

The present generation of Shinawatra children are continuing to uphold and improve the family tradition so well that the Shinawatra name, both locally and internationally, is synonymous in the textile industry for excellence.

The name Shinawatra – which is pronounced Shinawat – was bestowed by King Rama VI. It is Sanscrit and means…