Our Area

Sankampaeng Chiang Mai

The Shinawatra factory and showroom is conveniently situated seven kilometers from Chiang Mai on the main road to Sankampaeng. The road is home to many handicraft shops and factories and passes through the famous umbrella village of Bor Sang, so that a pleasant morning can be spent and combined with a visit to the Shinawatra Thai Silk Showroom.

The showroom and factory have been built near to where Chiang Shinawatra opened his doors for business in 1911. Many of our workers are the children and grandchildren of those who first worked for our family so long ago.

Shinawatra Thai Silk Showroom

The moment you enter the grand courtyard of the Shinawatra Silk Company, the buildings’ impressive proportions and fine materials make clear that this is no ordinary manufacturer and exporter of silk products. This dramatic setting contains a fascinating presentation of the timeless process of sericulture and silk manufacture as well as being a trove of silk products.

Designed in the traditional architecture style of the ancient northern Thai Kingdom of Lanna, the buildings burnt-orange brick walls, the massive support teak columns, the mighty, exposed teak trusses bearing the gabled roofs and the walkways paved in a careful selection of hand made terracotta tiles, all reveal the Shinawatra family’s pride and joy in its showcase headquarters. 

From the moment when you are first greeted in the reception area, you are led into a wonderland of silk. The first gallery shows how silkworms are raised, you then see the delicate process of separating the filaments from the cocoons, reeling, spinning, dyeing and weaving the silk threads on hand operated looms. Next is the gallery of history where are photographs of the many famous people who have visited the showroom. You are then able to wander from room to room – the gallery of women’s wear and accessories, of men’s ear and accessories, the gallery of silk fabrics, special rooms of scarves, of neckties, upstairs are galleries devoted to decorative items and house ware. At the heart of the building is the superb promotion hall and souvenir and gift shop.